Open Payments – PSD2 Open API Platform

In short: PSD2 will improve the security of online payments and give consumers more power over who controls their money Banks will be regulated to give access to consumers data, but their APIs are fragmented Open Payments provide a single, open and secure API to access all banks throughout the EU Explainer video here Open […]

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Lendify – peer-to-peer lending

  Lendify is Sweden’s leading marketplace for consumer loans. We challenge the traditional financial institutions, which profit enormously on consumer loans, by providing consumers with an opportunity to borrow directly from each other via our proprietary lending platform. Lendify conducts marketing, credit scoring, administration of deposits and withdrawals as well as establishment of contracts. Since we […]

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GO SEE TALENTS – Welcome to the Silicon Valley of Europe

  Mission: To make Stockholm the Silicon Valley of Europe. Businessidea: We supply the best talents within the IT-world to tech-companies in Stockholm. How? By attracting young talents straight from university, offer consulting work for the hottest tech-companies and high-profile trainee programs within specific nisches such as fintech as well as help with establishing in […]

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