Future-proof IMS solution



Vidici Ventures partners with Limina – a FinTech company incorporated in Stockholm, focusing on the provision of cloud-native Investment Management Solutions (IMS) to institutional investors including: order management; portfolio management; risk management; and compliance. Limina empowers its customers to outperform by delivering complex and dynamic information in real-time using highly intuitive, user-friendly design principles that promote superior investment decision making and oversight while reducing operational risk and complexity.

Legacy systems have proven expensive and cumbersome to integrate, upgrade and maintain – especially in adapting to new regulations, incorporating alternative investments, FX hedging, handling non-vanilla financial instruments and providing cross-asset, aggregated data in real-time. These customer pain points are directly addressed by Limina; a technically agile, API-based SaaS solution that has been purpose built on cutting-edge, futureproof tech to address the complex and evolving needs of sophisticated institutional investors across front, middle and back office, in parallel to fully-integrated risk and compliance functionality. 

To date Limina has generated strong traction with its institutional client base and has been recognised via numerous industry awards – Vidici Ventures looks forward to partnering with the Limina team on the next phase of its growth journey.