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Nordic FinTech Week: Indó & ReceiptHero

Congratulations to Indó and R...

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New investment: Indó

We can finally announce our in...

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Will Ferrell joins Lunar

“Danish neobank Lunar ha...

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Luko acquires Coya and gains insurance license

“French startup Luko is ...

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Limina raises a €2.53M Series A, led by Industrifonden

Limina has raised a €2.53M S...

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We are constantly following the development within the fintech industry and below are some of the areas where we believe there are potential.

•   Lending

Peer-to-peer lending have proven to be a growing market and we believe that it is just the beginning. We have previously invested in Lendify but are looking at other possibilities within the area. One area within the lending space that is interesting is loans to SMEs. Following the global crisis of 2007-2008 loans to SMEs have been exposed to higher regulations and capital costs which have created a growing demand for financing.

•   Wealth Management

With todays technological advancements wealth management can now be a online service that provides automated algorithm-based portfolio management advice without the use of human financial planners, so called ”robot-advisors”.

•   Insurance

Just like the big banks, the insurance companies are less developed from a tech view. By using a shareconomy approach you can access a huge market quite effectively and create high-end consumer focused services.

•   Credit scoring/ Assessment

The key in credit scoring/ assessment is to find the best way to access global sources.

•   Fraud protection and security

In all industries, there is growing demand for fraud protection and security. Therefore, technological development gets more and more important.

•   FX

To transfer money worldwide easier, faster, more reliable and in different currencies without paying large fees is a natural development, but there is still room for improvement.

•   RegTech

For companies active in regulated markets, compliance is a big and costly part of the day-to-day operations. Within RegTech the aim and benefits are to support innovation in order to better manage regulatory requirements, develop advanced data analytics capabilities and to reduce the costs of compliance.